Well Mona certainly admires Wario. Which is great because it brings back how Mona is kind of a weirdo. As of late Mona had been so boring and normal. Nothing like the days where she used to have a monkey throw banana peels at police men.

I can still see a little bit of her quirkiness is this game but it still isn't quite at the level I'd like.
I still don't think Orbulon should have a real voice to begin with. He should only make unintelligible and synthetic-sounding wroobs, wobs and weohs like he did until Twisted. :orbulonoh:
Makes him more alien.
But if Mike is anything to go by then he won't even have a voice filter effect over his voice.

We need Jimmy's mom and dad back!

They HAVE been absent entirely since Touched, haven't they? Not even a visual cameo? Come on, Nintendo!