What do you have in common with Wario?


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Wario appears Italian because I heard him say mama mia a few times, and also I think him to be a cousin to Mario; after all he was created from Mario.

My dad is from Italy making me half Italian, so I have half that in common with Wario.

I like garlic like Wario, It also gives me a boost when I eat it-raw or roasted. It also gives me bad gas, which is probably why wario has flatulence problems because he eats garlic all the time.

I would have poor hygiene problems which you don't have to worry about because my wife takes care of that. But if I wasn't married, I would have that in common with Wario.

I can relate to Wario's social skills, or lacking of them as a matter of factly.

I have a hat like Wario although it is black, and I can make a face in the mirror that looks like Wario.

I like hunting for treasure like Wario with my coin detector.

Have anything in common with Wario, please post.

Dr. Mechano

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I want to make lots of money, although I think I'm significantly less greedy than Wario is.

I like garlic too, though it has to be cooked. Raw garlic is way too pungent for me.

And of course, I sport a mustache, though it pales in comparison to Wario's lightning-bolt 'stache.


More money for my money bin.3 YEARS IN WARIOFORUMS
Love money
Love garlic
Love farting
Like drinking beer
And love to ejem, go to a "party" with the ladies that you pay for fun PushingUpDaisies::cool:(see WL4 credits and best ending from VBWL)


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A bit on the overweight side, rude yet weirdly charming, I work out, don't exactly have the best hygiene (I'd rather not go into detail), lazy but brilliant if I put my mind to something, impulsive, Chaotic Neutral, not the wisest spender, stingy.

I have a number of things in common with him, but even more in common with Waluigi.


Angry blue crab.
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-butt chin
-poor hygiene
-fat gut
-picks nose a lot
-lazy, but can be really smart and hardworking when related to interests
-likes Garlic
-loves money
-poor spending habits
-poor social skills
-generally makes people uncomfortable
-loves Wario!

Random Adam

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  • Big reddish nose
  • In Wario Land 4, he sometimes has sharp back teeth like me
  • Love money
  • Love Garlic
  • Love to explore
  • Not very handsome
  • Hard to damage or kill
  • Moustache


Has "it". Fragile. Pretty odd, means well.
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-Easily angered
-Self-centered, but willing to do the right thing
-Big nose
-Thick eyebrows
-Big head
-Dashing smile
-Bad hygiene
-The inferiority complex that results from this combination
-Has dabbled in programming (I believe with a fiery passion the headcanon that Wario programmed all of WarioWare, and that he only needed his friends to come up with microgame ideas and art assets)
-Can draw and animate decently enough
-Can program music
-Enjoys a good journey
-Loves a good reward, buuuut depending on the circumstances may do it for free... [Waa's in Sad]
-Cares about friends, but is still kind of a dick to them
-Wants fairness
-Likes it when things are in one's own favor
-Fan of-a Waaario