What's the white cat in Wario Land 4?


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Seriously, what is it? It's from the ending:

And can be seen here:


So, is there a story behind this cat as well? It looks an awful lot like the cat form of Princess Shokora, so is there some other story where a princess has been cursed and turned into a cat? Or is it just a normal cat that looks a lot like the first one?

What do you think?
Despite being the admitted king of overthinking WL4, I'd be hard-pressed to say it was meant to be a Shokora's ghost or something like that. As everyone else has said, I think it's just the game's themes coming full circle and that it's a random cat in place of where she was.

yes i know it contradicts the fact i mentioned shokora read the newspaper in my video shut up
Could we make a hypothetical story where the buffet in the newspaper IS Wario's next adventure with the new white cat? Beefy Buffet Princess? Could be Wario's true woman
I don't think Wario would bother with a second princess rescue immediately after getting roped into the first one, especially since there's no treasure involved in the location. Maybe Tatanga or Daisy from Mario Land 1 could pick this questline up.