What's your handwriting like?


^ Ohh that reminds me. My kindergarten teacher made me to my nines straight almost like "q" instead of curvy like "9" because she said "it'll look like a g." I always wrote my lowercase g's smaller than my 9s before, though. But then the straight nine really caught on. And so did a one that only looked like a straight line (I have to change the look sometimes to be read correctly, though) and a four that almost looks like an upside down h. And yes, I did write before kindergarten, in fact before preschool too, and I don't remember making a mistake of writing a letter or number backwards.
Shouldn't you show us the 9 now? :P
I can almost get back at those "ghetto" kids from my middle school who said they'll curse me out in Spanish! If I can find them. They could think I'm writing in a whole different language but it's actually just transliterations.

Phew, no Ashley. :P


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Pretty crappy, probably because I'm left-handed and have been holding my pencil the wrong way ever since I started writing in the first place. Now it still looks like how it did when I was a little kid, maybe a bit smaller and less trying-to-consume-everything-ish, but just as wavy and inconsistent as it always has been. I'd post a picture but I don't have anything on hand at the moment.


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its like a fucking 1st grader's hand writing, but it doesnt take an inch of space and written like actual words. i even made my own font over it one time if anyone is interested