Show us your Wario Merchandise!

So all I have at my house is Wario land 1,2,3,4, Warioware touched and Waluigi and Wario plushies.


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I really want those Warioware phone straps too :/ I had them in my amazon shopping cart a couple years ago, then came back a few months later and they were sold out.
Didn't knew there was a Wario Happy Wheels Car. Might look for it now.
I know from the the K'nex figure tho... but it is SO expansive!
I also really like the puzzle!
As for the Phone Straps: I got them on Ebay but i don't think they are there anymore.
Old thread, but I was cleaning and was able to get all my Wario stuff in one place!! I just got World two days ago, btw.
wario merch.jpg
Someone on Tumblr told me that my Wario plush is fake, but I love him anyway. I've had him for like... six-seven years? Pretty well-made and on-model (except for the mustache) for a bootleg, imo.