That one person

Welcome, Forum friends.
This is a thread all about our favorite little witch living next door.
You guessed it! it's Ashley.

The favorite out of her series, even Nintendo knows. The one, the only...Ashley! Here, you can talk all you want about Ashley --
from how great and awesome she is to how she should be in more games.
This is you're place to be right now. Talk about anything related to the little witch.​

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I'll get us started. So, anybody think she has a chance to be DLC or in any Mario spin-off titles? Maybe she's popular enough to get her own plushie? I'd buy a lot of those. I'd love some Ash-wee amiibo as well, I'd buy all of them. At least 5.
In the future, she might be in a Mario spinoff someday. Probably not in the Wii U's lifespan, Super Mario Maker notwithstanding.
Ok, I'll bite, considering how much more they've been using her I could see her getting the next Mario Kart game but not Mario party yet. She would obviously be accompanied by other ware/land characters. But the reason for me seeing her in Mario kart first is because the Mario kart series already has cross representation from Zelda and Animal crossing .
Yeah, Mario kart 8 has some cool representation, before I never thought I'd see link in there. Maybe the NX will have some more Ashley, so I'll wait for then. Right now it's just small cameos and such, which is still pretty good.

I love those badges too, hope we see larger versions of those art words.
I like Ashley alright. Obviously not as much as others : p But she can be cute, yeah. Like, I watched her first appearneace on youtube, the one with the song and everything. I watched Red chase Orbulon for her, and fail. And when he apologized to her, she grabbed his hand and said it was okay, haha that was way cute : 3 I liked that a bunch : 3
(She then said shed just use him, but I liked the part before that more : p)

I like her design, too. Its a good design yeah : p And I have a thing for characters who feel unloved, I read that she has that issue with her parents on a wiki page. It makes me think of Helga Pataki, whos an all time favorite character of mine : p

(Also, Id love the power to change into any being I wanted to >.>)
Really?! but how can one not like Ashley as much as I do? lol, jk. She's always cute, not sure but I think it's cute when she's angry. Her cute little white hair glowing! Awww!
I love her design, it just really sticks out to me. I love the headband and her red dress with orange strips.

Sometimes I wish I were a girl so I could cosplay as Ashley. I first saw her in brawl in the stickers part, I saw it and liked how she looked, though I had no idea who she was nor did I care to find out.

a year later I found her song online by mistake, because I clicked on it because she looked cute, I loved her song a lot. Than I found an image of her on google, i loved it so much I saved it titled "a girl from a wario game" and kept it with me until another year in 2013 I finally looked up the character, after that I was in love with this girl. I just had to get every game with her in it.

Poor girl, if only I could tell her how much shes loved and maybe she'll finally be happy enough, or maybe she wouldn't care, lol. I wish I could be in the world of Warioware, I'll be her friend or die dying!!!!
Actually, he seems perfectly capable to grow a smidge with most his transformation. He could probably pull of a full-size Ashley.
Her hair is way bigger than Red, let alone two huge pigtails. I wouldn't be sure about that, but I guess it could somehow work. It's unlikely he could, but not impossible.

Song makes this picture look more awesome

Random picture of Ashley getting pissed off at something, lol. I'd hate to be the one she's getting mad at.

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