1. WarioWare: Move It Characters

    WarioWare: Move It Characters

    All the characters from WarioWare: Move It
  2. phantombleu

    ASHEE !!!!

    LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, HER. i love ashley so much she’s so cool i drew this at school so i had limited supplies ☹️!! so don’t fucking whine about the colors in the comments thx <3 took me like ?? 30 mins?? idk it’s ver simple so not much
  3. S

    [Fan Content] (FANMADE) Baby Ashley electronic toy

    WARNING: This is a fanmade Fisher-Price product What if, there was a rip-off Baby Alive. This toy is based on the adorable witch from WarioWare named Ashley. The product name is "Baby Ashley". The material is mostly a type of soft plush on the outside. However, the eyes and eyelids are made out...
  4. CM30

    WarioWare WarioWare Gold: All Ashley Voice Clips 2018-09-28

    Ashley's voice clips from WarioWare Gold.
  5. ReasonablePerson

    WarioWare Manga "Wai! Wai! Wario!"

    Wai! Wai! Wario! was a 7 pages long one-off gag manga created by Ryuusuke Hamamoto and published in Famitsu DS+Wii magazine in February 2006. It is based on WarioWare: Touched! According to Did you guys knew this existed? Well there wasn´t any english translations even though it...
  6. Ashley's Revolution 2 - Game & Wario.mp3

    Ashley's Revolution 2 - Game & Wario.mp3

    One of my favorite songs from Game & Wario :)
  7. Broski3215

    [Upcoming Game] Interesting phone calls in WarioWare Gold

    There are three in-game phones unlockable in the Toy Room and they can be used to dial up codes which are also unlockable. While many of the calls are just plain random, some of them actually interested me and I feel as if they would interest others on here too. Here are the calls which I...
  8. Handsome Count Cannoli

    What would have happened if Wario wasn't there?

    Wario MOD was originally Count Cannolis show until Wario stole the spotlight. So i wondered what would have happened if Wario didn't interfere? And what would have happened in other Wario Land titles like Land 1, World and Land 3? What do you think?
  9. ThAshleyChannel

    Ashley for Smash Bros support thread.

    Ashley for Smash Bros: Ultimate Let's get into the reason why I think Ashley has good odds at becoming a fighter! I'll go into more detail now. So, in 2015, Smash 4 released; this is where Ashley's popularity grew a lot. Ever since this game Ashley has appeared time and time again, via 3ds...
  10. Ashley from WarioWare Gold

    Ashley from WarioWare Gold

    Ashley's official artwork from WarioWare Gold.
  11. ThAshleyChannel

    The Badge Arcade : Story of Ashley

    Baito ((The Arcade Bunny)) tells a story about our favorite witch, Ashley. ------------------------------------------ Once upon a time, there was a girl who was a witch apprentice.... And on the night of Halloween, a strange creature appeared in her dream and said... "Well, aren't you just...
  12. ThAshleyChannel

    Which is your favorite Warioware 3ds theme?

    Which of the 3 Warioware 3ds themes is your favorite? what order would you put from favorite to less favorite? Here is my list Ashley Halloween Ashley Magic Ashley's recipes. I like Ashley's Halloween the most mainly due to the way she's drawn here, I also love the music that plays with...
  13. ThAshleyChannel

    Check out this awesome Ashley mod!

    While looking around on GameBanana I came across this newly made Ashley mod for Super Smash bros! This is the best version yet, thanks to the community's better understanding of modding and model imports. She even has facial expressions for fighting and getting hit. I'm downloading this to my...
  14. Magma

    CM30 Appreciation Thread

    A thread to say thanks to our favorite Cheat Master.
  15. Skitty Cecil

    Tempo for Ashley's Song?

    Can anyone who's good with music please give me the tempo for Ashley's Song? I'm trying to make an Ashley level in Super Mario Maker, but I can't find this song's tempo. This would help me out a LOT, and if you want, I'll even tell you the level code after it's finished so you can play it for...
  16. ThAshleyChannel

    The Transformation - Mini FanFiction. (along with poll!)

    This story is Rated E 10+. Finally! Con said excitedly; Con has just gotten the new WarioWare game for Nintendo 3ds, he has been waiting years for a new Warioware to come out. He just had to own it on launch day, he got his 3ds ready and took out the Warioware game out of it's case and into his...
  17. Crescent-Moon Villager

    [Fan Content] ~Guilty Pleasures~

    We have a Gaming Guilty Pleasures, so why not a vanilla one? Right now mine is the Sonic Boom cartoon. I genuinely and unironically enjoy it @_@ What about you?
  18. ThAshleyChannel

    Would you play an Ashley Eshop title?

    Let's say for the 3ds/wii u Ashley got a side scroller game. A spin-off of Warioware I guess. The game is about collecting stuff for a spell, you'll need to check out huge areas for things, you can get power-ups, aim for the highest score and maybe even play two players offline, Ashley and...
  19. WarioWare Group Art

    WarioWare Group Art

    The source link in the Fan Art Thread is broken now, so here is one that works :
  20. CM30

    What made Ashley so popular anyway?

    Well, any ideas? What made a character introduced only in WarioWare Touched into arguably the most popular character in the franchise, with the exception of Wario himself? Do people online just seem to be drawn to this sort of character for some reason? What do you think?