ashley and red

  1. Handsome Count Cannoli

    What would have happened if Wario wasn't there?

    Wario MOD was originally Count Cannolis show until Wario stole the spotlight. So i wondered what would have happened if Wario didn't interfere? And what would have happened in other Wario Land titles like Land 1, World and Land 3? What do you think?
  2. ThAshleyChannel

    The Badge Arcade : Story of Ashley

    Baito ((The Arcade Bunny)) tells a story about our favorite witch, Ashley. ------------------------------------------ Once upon a time, there was a girl who was a witch apprentice.... And on the night of Halloween, a strange creature appeared in her dream and said... "Well, aren't you just...
  3. ThAshleyChannel

    Which is your favorite Warioware 3ds theme?

    Which of the 3 Warioware 3ds themes is your favorite? what order would you put from favorite to less favorite? Here is my list Ashley Halloween Ashley Magic Ashley's recipes. I like Ashley's Halloween the most mainly due to the way she's drawn here, I also love the music that plays with...
  4. ThAshleyChannel

    Check out this awesome Ashley mod!

    While looking around on GameBanana I came across this newly made Ashley mod for Super Smash bros! This is the best version yet, thanks to the community's better understanding of modding and model imports. She even has facial expressions for fighting and getting hit. I'm downloading this to my...
  5. ThAshleyChannel

    Would you play an Ashley Eshop title?

    Let's say for the 3ds/wii u Ashley got a side scroller game. A spin-off of Warioware I guess. The game is about collecting stuff for a spell, you'll need to check out huge areas for things, you can get power-ups, aim for the highest score and maybe even play two players offline, Ashley and...
  6. CM30

    What made Ashley so popular anyway?

    Well, any ideas? What made a character introduced only in WarioWare Touched into arguably the most popular character in the franchise, with the exception of Wario himself? Do people online just seem to be drawn to this sort of character for some reason? What do you think?
  7. ThAshleyChannel

    The Ashley and Red Thread.

    Welcome, Forum friends. This is a thread all about our favorite little witch living next door. You guessed it! it's Ashley. The favorite out of her series, even Nintendo knows. The one, the only...Ashley! Here, you can talk all you want about Ashley -- from how great and awesome she is to...
  8. warelander

    Are all of the Ashley appearences leading up to something?

    It's been somewhat discussed before, but I'm curious what everyone thinks about this. Her popularity is clearly getting acknowledged now and Mario Maker in particular makes me wonder if we are going to see more of Ashley in other games. So yeah, thoughts?