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It seems to me that some users seem to excel at certain things around here.

JoeKarta is our Rhythm Heaven expert.

Warelander seems to be our Mega Man and Puyo Puyo guy (the latter for Magma as well). (Not to mention, the only one who still seems to be enthusiastic about discussing the WarioWare series at all)

Glowsquid, of course, is our resident expert on non-Miyamoto Nintendo staff.
I'm not really sure if I excel in any particular genre or series of gaming since I play so many different things all of the time that it's hard to say.

JS Shantae

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I really like that one series, y'know...I can't for the life of me remember the name of it...hmmmm

Count Cannoli

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I personally think that i am passionate about Wario aswell.
I pretty much play a Wario game daily.

Other than that: I think i am passionate about Devil's Third and Basset Hounds.
I can annoy the shit out of people without even trying.

I'm just the person who reports on anything Ashley related, news, new artwork, fanwork, etc!

Delivering Ashley goodness to the forums!


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I'm actually great at both GBA Metroids and F-Zero. Might be the only games I truly exceed expectations.


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Well I guess I'd be an expert in regards to both the Wario series and the Mario series as a whole. And I'm okay at finding glitches and bugs in video games, if that counts,