Where are Wario fans from?

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Survey time!

Well, it's more of a roll call I think but anyway, I've long been interested in the demographics of this site. As in most primarily English-language sites, this place has a lot of Americans but this place also has quite a lot of European representation as well. I already know where quite a bit of you are from but I'd like to hear you guys say it here. For the purpose of this thread, I'd like to you to list where you are originally from or otherwise consider to be your home country if you currently live in a place that is different. Once I get some replies I'll start keeping a tally of where people are from and which countries have been represented so far.

Since I'm starting this thread I'll start by being the first to represent the United States.

Countries Represented:
United States: 6
United Kingdom: 1
Austria: 1
Spain: 1
The Netherlands: 2
Canada: 1
Mexico: 1
Russia: 2
Portugal: 1
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From the UK here.

I also know we have members from Portugal, France and I think also Germany.


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US. Although I am going to toss in I am probably one of the very few speedrunners here that also probably lurks way more than they should.