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  • Happy birthday Angler, while you're gone from the site, I have never forgotten you and the interactions we had. Hope you're doing well, wherever you are.
    It must be a miracle, because I finally remembered your birthday! Haha... Just dropping by. Have a good one, "mate". Hope you're doing a little better, whatever you're up to these days.
    when is dad coming back home?
    Loved talking with ya Angler. Hope you're doing fine.
    Boris Carloft's Car Loft
    Boris Carloft's Car Loft
    Terrific interview. I've always had a humongous amount of respect for the original core team at Rare, so it's great to have some insight into their production process. Hats off to Mr. Machacek... What a resume he must have.
    Wonder if Rare will ever release that cancelled Battletoads game?
    G'day, WarioForums. I'm taking a bit of a risk logging on here, but I don't think CM30 received the email I requested to forward here, so I have no choice. I certainly don't want to leave the joint with a dark cloud hanging over my head. This is a lengthy post, but it is my last one, so bear with me if you have the patience...

    As I mentioned during the last 'upset', the computer I use for online tasks (including WarioForums) is a shared computer within a rural community. Due to my online activities being tampered/vandalised on a recurring basis, I had to lodge a caution notice. I was not surprised to learn I'm not the only one here who has been having security issues with sites like Youtube, eBay, Yahoo, etc.

    Our internet out here is extremely touch-and-go. On a regular day it can take anywhere between ten seconds and ten minutes just to load one measly tab, and that's if it loads at all. I constantly find myself bashing the keyboard, trying to refresh a page or log out of a site in sheer frustration, only to get that little loading symbol spin infinitely with nothing happening. Internet users of the world have no idea just how bad it can get in certain parts of Australia.

    Just typing this message is an ordeal because the service can't keep up with my inputs (I'm not even a fast typist!) It's absolutely woeful, but that's the gravity of the situation. It's a shared service, and a lot of people use it, so once my time is up, I can't sit around and see if I'm properly signed out of everything. It is NOT the sort of service one should ever use for private messaging, online banking, transactions, etc. Unfortunately, ever since I left uni it's all I've had to rely on. I'm just a poor artist who lives in the sticks, trying to get by.

    Now, Magma was right when he said I didn't feel like I belong here. I stand out like a sore thumb. I'm a very busy man and I'm really not suited to internet communities (especially video game ones). I'm just some guy from the bush who grew up loving games in the 90's and early 2000's. I thought that joining a forum would be an interesting thing to try, after BlueJackG invited me via Youtube.
    During my time here I tried to contribute to the place. I spent a great deal of time writing posts on art appreciation and everything I've learned on the history of the video game medium. I've also had some ripper conversations with members like MonaWare, Glowsquid, Magma, Pigmask Colonel, TB100, Ninja_Cat, J.A.W.F., and several others.

    The last fortnight has been extremely rough on me. I recently lost a tonne of important files and family memories (thousands, in fact) after my main drive broke down during a back up session. It's a long story I needn't go into.
    The fact I don't have a secure internet resource has been the constant, nagging cherry on the cake. I have become totally disheartened with computers in general. It's just been one huge set back after another, and as a result I've been a little dramatic and depressed over the last week. My mind is totally shot. Even still, it's my problem and I have to face it like a man.

    At any rate, I hope you're all having a great June, getting ecstatic about the year ahead! We don't know what the Smash Bros. fellas are cooking up for the Wario fans.
    I also reckon we've got a sure thing in some King K. Rool content! I mean, it's only a matter of time, surely!
    In addition, while I've never been keen on Waluigi, I think his supporters will get the last word if they stick to their guns. So best of luck on that one, @Just a Wario Fan (Love your Mad Scienstein profile, by the way.)

    Before I go, I'd like to thank all the members who made my time here a happy one, espeically @CM30 for resurrecting the lost threads I started, BlueJack ( @Robin ) for inviting me, Pigmask Colonel for his knowledge and gift of the gab, (and for making the only clean, complete VB Wario Land rip currently online). @MonaWare and @Triple M , you were always terrific contributors to forum conversation, and to my music-based "Tunes" threads. I really miss those. And I can't forget Glowsquid, whom I've always respected as a bubbling fountain of obscure knowledge (something we seem to have in common).

    The place has changed a bit since I was at my most active here. Now that everything is gone once again it seems totally futile trying to pick up where I left off. This whole debacle has been exhausting, and I can't keep coming in here deleting any vulgar edits or checking to see if my posts are still in tact. I have a lot of work on my plate, and these internet sessions are totally unpredictable. Sometimes I get it for an hour or more, sometimes only 10-15 minutes.

    All I can say is make sure you are always logged out properly from any sites or services you use. And if you *can't* be sure, DON'T, DON'T, DON'T use the service for anything other than casual research or browsing. Please!
    Anyhow, I have a shit-load of work ahead of me with a deadline to meet, and a family to support. So I will bid you adieu, WarioForums. Thank you for your patience (if you read this far) and for all the good times you've given.
    I won't be logging back on after this message, as I don't want to risk another foul up. I seriously don't have the time or mental energy for anymore embarrassing upsets.
    One again, my apologies for all the confusion and commotion over the last month. Enjoy your crepes and garlic, Wario fans.

    Lotsa love,

    Enjoyed your posting Angler. C'ya around.
    Hope this journey has been all and all enriching to you, you'll be remembered for sure! Hope you sort everything in your life and I truly hope to see you again soon.
    Just a Wario Fan
    Just a Wario Fan
    This is a really sad thing to hear, but I have genuine understanding for your decision to leave, and hope your computer agony will soon come to an end. Please allow me to say one last ¨goodbye.¨ I will miss you, @Angler of Lake Asparagus, and I think all prominent Wario Forums members who got to know you will certainly miss you too.
    Either way, if you want personal info removed, that's one thing, but wrecking conversations is another.
    What's happening now? More deleted/edited comments and posts?
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