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  • My thought process within the last few minutes was:
    man, my left ear hurts
    why isn't adjusting my earphones and/or glasses working, my left ear STILL hurts
    oh yeah, i can do that thing where I rub the part of my head my ear's pressing into
    I'm gonna go on Wario Forums to talk about how I've got a big head.
    How to phrase it, though...
    I'll pose it in the form of a question; "guess how you can tell that I'm descended from a tribe of homo sapiens that--" Oh cool the sky is a rainbow

    ("mated with neanderthals somewhere along the line" is the rest of the question)
    I've been glancing out the window often enough to see the rainbow fade from this pastel gradient into a sort of 50% gray shade. But uhhh this has been a window into the mind of me.
    Okay, so you know how I was going on about those moments where you'll recognize a leitmotif and it makes you go "oh goddammit" right. Well, I had another one of those. Using Audacity (so as to make transcribing the song easier), I discovered that the bassline for Up In The Trees is the FUCXFkdIN bsalline for. IT'S ICE CHALLENGE AGAIN.
    No, I don't doubt that they are the same lol. I just think you might be misunderstanding the meaning of the term "leitmotif" somewhat. just because a bassline, chord progression or any other musical element is used in several tracks doesn't make that a leitmotif, a leitmotif is more like a character theme, usually a recurring melody that's used deliberately to signify something. like for instance Kozue Ishikawa's different motifs in Wario Land 3, where you have a theme for Wario, theme for the music box world, Rudy, etc. These are all intertwined but they each have thematic significance outside of "it sounds cool".
    I can't comment on the game you're talking about but if it's just one theme then it isn't really much of a leitmotif so much as it is a song remixed a bunch, because there is a difference. usually you can't really count it as a leitmotif unless there are multiple different themes that are clearly segregated from one another.
    If you want a good example of leitmotifs in scoring, I recommend this video which shows a visual breakdown of all the themes used throughout a Star Trek episode score: https://vimeo.com/181693915
    Also a very GOOD example of how to use leitmotifs.
    How about the music from tak 2, then? It definitely has a leitmotif going, I think, based on your clarification.
    You know, ironically enough, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is one of my LEAST favorite tracks on the album, and the damn thing's named after it. Ringo's drumming really stands out there, though (to the point that it was sampled for the Megaton Walk).

    Polyphone decided to fuck the file when it was supposed to be saving the latest series of name changes, and now, after re-opening the program (goddamn shitstick motherfu) it tells me "Sorry, I don't feel like it. CORRUPT (PDTA). FUCK YOU"
    I've been going through Twisted in Polyphone (especially now that I've become aware of ShyGuy's wishes to get his hands on one), and I gotta say, it'd be pretty fuckin' handy if there weren't so many goddamn presets. MAYBE half the samples wouldn't sound like they were *coming from another room* if you DIDN'T HAVE SO MANY GODDAMN PRESETS TAKING UP SPACE, NINTENDUS.
    Plus the game barely uses half of the damn samples
    There are literally 12 iterations of the same goddamn surf organ, which only has ONE SAMPLE.
    I just beat gold. I wish the voices for some of the characters were more consistent with previous appearances, but hey, at least Wario sounds less bassy (like in smash bros) and closer to his previous incarnations.
    Just a Wario Fan
    Just a Wario Fan
    Congrats with beating WarioWare Gold! And yes, the character's voices could 've better left unchanged. (Jimmy T. ,anyone?) But I must say I actually like Dr. Crygor's new voice. Although that's also the only character where I think his new voice is good. For all the others, I just wish they kept the original voices, as far as that's possible.
    yeah, I actually liked Crygor alright.
    Now we just have to find some situation where we can get him to say the iconic "very v-very v-very very nice"

    "This calls for a special dessert. What would you like, Pokey?"
    *resists the urge to immediately blurt out "you"*
    Wait a minute... isn't there a LittleBigPlanet character that's literally got UwU for a face?
    It's not the Queen, but she DOES have capital U's for eyes. Anyone know who I'm thinking of?
    never forget the fact that Pokemon used to have human rights, and also never forget that it was insinuated that humans and Pokemon would date each other in the past, which, of course, implies that humans and Pokemon toooootally fucked on the regular, bro. NGL that's pretty hot.
    Pokemon are pretty much all sentient, though (see: any Pokemon Dungeon ever). Granted, in some cases I still think it's *pret-ty* sketchy (like in the case of Pidgey, Rattata, Wingull, etc.), but for others, like Poliwrath, Machoke, uhhh Goodra, uhhh Graveler and Golem maybe, Hypno, etc., it's a bit more understandable.
    For me, it just ain't hot unless both parties are super into it, and legit animals can't feel sexual pleasure, so in other words, no I don't think bestiality is fine, it's pretty fuckin' messed up. Animals and Pokemon are two different things, even in the context of their world, though.

    tl;dr: No it fuckin' AIN'T. and fLIP yoo for insinuating that I am into that sort of thing

    The irony here is, I don't even like Porkyman most of the time, I tend to stick to hyoomen because I'm boring, but.. that Cobatsart... the man's good at what he does.
    (Look on the bright side: it ain't (yet another) Ashley thirstpost.)
    fair enough my fellow degenerate
    All that music is is hearing a leitmotif where you didn't realize there was one and saying goddammit with more and more frequency as you continue studying it.
    Case in point: listen to "Ice Challenge" and "Zaktan's Temple" from Bionicle Heroes GBA. I just now realized that they're secretly the same fucking song but with a different disguise on. I'm very angry and impressed. ...Is there a word for that? Like the reaction everyone has to an amazing pun? ...the Germans probably do. since German is pretty much just English but better because they'll make words for important things (see: Schadenfreude).
    like, a dedicated word for the "oh, goddammit; you fucking clever bitch" sentiment. Someone forward me to that.
    The thing is, sometimes songs that share a leitmotif sound almost completely different -- take Bedlam Falls and Pachyderm Shrine from Tak 2 for example -- which is a fabulous thing, because it means you only have to compose one song, then find a bunch of ways to make it sound nothing like itself, but in such a way that if someone listening were to later become a music fag (such as myself) they would hear it and clap with an angry expression on their face.
    Sometimes I wonder if I'm not a #cooldude for actually using the "forbidden" words nigger or faggot*, but every time I've been witness to literally any form of transphobia I revel in the fact that I get so disgusted.

    Mom says I need to let things go sometimes, but fuck that in this case, that just ain't cool. Thankfully in the case of my brother it seems it's because he's a dipshit, like I was prior to, say, 2015? It's my fuckin' old-ass man using 'must be in the middle of transitioning' to make fun of some cat with a girly voice that was working the Thunder Mountain Railroad station, after I pointed out their name tag in response to his initial misgendering (that at least I could excuse, it's a sound assumption, I suppose), that sticks out in my mind.
    ...For what it's worth, *I* thought his voice was very cute as soon as I heard it uwu

    *mostly because I'm a man of context, and also because faggot doesn't mean gay and hasn't for five goddamn decades almost, I don't care what anyone says
    God, my 5-Volt thirstpost was a lesson that will haunt me even though I was the only one that found it outright cringey even when the wound was fresh.

    ...the drawings I did of the fledgling adult 5-Volt *are* still pretty hot, though. Maybe that helped to ease the blow. I ain't that great an artist but I know what a good lookin' body looks like, goddammit, and 5-Volt is one hot mama (literally).
    I would totally bang a lot of (LEGAL AGE) anthro characters tbh.

    But holy shit dude, be careful how much personal info like this you post, there be stalker creeps out there
    True. And true (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)
    Where did you graduate, a correspondence school?
    (starts to leave, pauses, turns back)
    You're fired.
    I should see if I can find a means of recording an X-Ray video of the muscles at work. THEN I'd rub it in everyone's FACES >:ooo
    Okay, so backwards swallowing apparently is not as common as I thought, because literally everyone I've talked about it with gets confused and thinks I'm talking about vomiting, the internet thinks it's either 'tongue thrusting' or 'gleeking,' and those both ain't it. I think someone MAY have said regurgitation like birds do, but probably not-- if they did I'd applaud them though because this last one's the closest, probably. The difference is I can't draw from my stomach, just my esophagus.

    In other words, this ability is extremely useful for getting rid of annoying-ass mucous or rescuing a piece of gum that I accidentally start to reflexively swallow, or something like that.
    "Backwards swallowing" is exactly what it says on the tin; instead of moving things from the mouth to the esophagus, it moves things from the esophagus to the mouth. Simple, really, but for some reason certain people can't wrap their heads around it??
    Heat waaaave, tropical heat waaaave,
    The temperature's rising, it isn't surprising,
    That she certainly can, can-can
    backward swallowing can kinda scratch it, granted, BUT THAT DOESN'T HELP MUCH
    I wonder if it was caused by
    A) doing Fat Albert voice for too long
    B) I have a tonsil stone or some shit
    C) Backward swallowing has "BETRAYED ME!!!!" (Or, in other words, I just did it too often.)

    I'm pretty sure it's a combination of A and C.
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