1. Crazy Galaxy Key Art

    Crazy Galaxy Key Art

    This is the key art for Crazy Galaxy. One of Nintendo's April Fools Jokes of 2017
  2. Boris Carloft's Car Loft

    Wario headcanons?

    In WL4, I always interpreted the end credits music as Wario reminiscing on all his adventures, or the "time he had forgot." Plus you can see his memories projected onto the background! i look into things too much hue Any other Wario related headcanons?
  3. ThAshleyChannel

    Fanart (Kai edition.)

    So, here I'll post my own fanart. Feel free to discuss about whatever I should draw or say what you think of my artwork. I'll post updates on what I'm drawing and how far it's going. So here's my first fanart in a real long time, this was done using PaintNET and nothing else, really. lol. I...
  4. Crescent-Moon Villager

    [Fan Content] ~Guilty Pleasures~

    We have a Gaming Guilty Pleasures, so why not a vanilla one? Right now mine is the Sonic Boom cartoon. I genuinely and unironically enjoy it @_@ What about you?
  5. ThAshleyChannel

    MiiTomo Thread.

    I don't want to use the Random thread so I don't spam with Miitomo photos, so I'll just add one here. Have funny Miitomo photos? something to do with Miitomo? well this is the thread to post on! For now, here's a picture I made. Hope to see your funny or awesome Miitomo pictures!
  6. ThAshleyChannel

    Would you play an Ashley Eshop title?

    Let's say for the 3ds/wii u Ashley got a side scroller game. A spin-off of Warioware I guess. The game is about collecting stuff for a spell, you'll need to check out huge areas for things, you can get power-ups, aim for the highest score and maybe even play two players offline, Ashley and...
  7. CM30

    What made Ashley so popular anyway?

    Well, any ideas? What made a character introduced only in WarioWare Touched into arguably the most popular character in the franchise, with the exception of Wario himself? Do people online just seem to be drawn to this sort of character for some reason? What do you think?
  8. warelander

    Are all of the Ashley appearences leading up to something?

    It's been somewhat discussed before, but I'm curious what everyone thinks about this. Her popularity is clearly getting acknowledged now and Mario Maker in particular makes me wonder if we are going to see more of Ashley in other games. So yeah, thoughts?