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Man... been a while since I last went on this page. Well I should put in something for y'all to listen to. Now I've been looking through a lot of classic games recently and I remembered an amazing series called Legacy of Kain. I don't expect many people to remember this series, but man is it dang good. Now Soul Reaver starts off with a cool intro with a really awesome theme playing in the background.
Take a look into this series, it's really interesting and I would love to see an ending to this awesome series.

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Village music usually good in Zelda (along with all other tracks too of course) but this is the first time that village theme was done "just right" for me. This damn near nails the ideal village music i had in mind for a Zelda game. it helps the BotW's music likes its references and that house theme from OoT was a nice touch.
Definetly my fav Zelda village theme, night time one is good too but the day one is better.