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Princess Zelda in BotW is rapidly becoming hated by me...

In terms of " annoying " things in Zelda I don't really have a problem with anything except maybe certain enemies like those annoying as fuck cyclops or redeads when they petrify you it's annoying you can't move and then they cop a field on Link.

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I never understood all this exaggerated hatred of Navi. She's helpful, useful and sweet.

As a kid I never realised she was speaking actual words, as her voice just sounded like muffled gibberish to me, especially the "Hey!" (This was mostly due to the lack of clarity in her speech samples, her strange cute accent, and the overlapping music/sounds effects combined with old television speakers)
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Ick, that outfit. Way too.....icky : p

And I never actually had a problem understanding what Navi said, but growing up I literally sat like right in front of the tv when I played a video game : p We had a tv stand and all that, but it was small and low to the ground, and perfect for sitting on the floor right in front of it, haha.

If it were in my older brothers room, he had his tv on a large desk to the left of his bed, not actually facing his bed but like pointed to the wall. So youd have to sit on the bed, and turn your head to the left to see the screen. I always hated having to play games in his room, haha.

And yeah, I never hated Navi growing up. I remember being surprised by people hating on her when I finally got the internet. I wasnt aware that she was that annoying : p

Fi, though. I totally understand why people dont like Fi, haha.