1. gbfrnda

    a repo of my wario ware fanart

    They're attached instead of put inline 'cause it would make the post unreadable. Anyway, here's a sample of my warioware fanart. Feel free to praize or haze
  2. Squishy Pixelz

    Studio 21 is really close to 1,000 members!

    So as a few of you know, I run Studio 21, a WarioWare DIY Discord server where people can share their creations, talk about Wario and hang out. We even released a collab back in April. You can watch it here! It's actually the server attached to these forums since the merge. Well Studio 21...
  3. hubworld23

    A Broken Pasta!(NPFA)

    Hey Guys, Before we Begin I Wanna Give A Shoutout to A User By The Name Of The 3rd Wario Brother For Inspiring Me to Remake this Chapter For My Crossover Fanfic... So Thanks Man!:) Now Onto The Story tell Me what you think about the First Chapter In The Comments Feedback Is Appreciated!;)...
  4. Nitwit

    The MOST DISTURBING Things Nintendo Has Ever Done

    I found this video online and it has a funny thumbnail to boot. What do you guys think of it?
  5. Koopaul

    E3 2017

    Surprised no one has made a topic about this! Who's looking forward to E3? As long as I know that there's going to be Super Mario Odyssey stuff, I'll be pretty happy. Anyway discuss E3 here. It's next week so make your predictions now!
  6. Jobless Music

    [Poll] Rate your Nintendo Switch Games!

    Hi guys, from a scale of 1/10, how would you rate the Switch games in your library? You can add a description if you want to, but please add a spoiler button if you think it's a spoiler.
  7. Koopaul

    General Nintendo News

    So what's the deal with these forums? It's about a Nintendo character and yet we barely talk about other Nintendo games. There was just a Nintendo Direct the other day and so I thought there'd be some discussion on it here. Nope. Just Puyo Puyo. So I'm finally making a general Nintendo News...
  8. Jobless Music

    [Upcoming Game] Nintendo wants us to make a game!

    Hi hi, yes yes. Nintendo and Daddy sakurai wants us to make a game, let's get going chop chop. Here's a video with more information bye bye a go-go
  9. TB100

    Should Warioware get the short animation treatment?

    Ever since the 3DS/Wii U Era, Nintendo has been making various short animations both by themselves and with other anime companies such as Shaft, I.G Productions, Wit Studios, and 3C studios, various examples of Nintendo ips getting short animations include. Kid Icarus Uprising Pikmin 3...
  10. Koopaul

    [Fan Content] Smash Series Icons

    I tried doing something like this before but only went so far. This time I hope to create a Smash icon for every Nintendo series/stand-alone titles listed on the Nintendo Database website! Possibly even more considering the site doesn't list Wario series or Yoshi series in it's own category.
  11. wariofer

    Nintendo characters that you hate

    In my case i hate Pikachu, Fox, Peach and Zelda, really annoying characters for me:mad:
  12. ThAshleyChannel

    MiiTomo Thread.

    I don't want to use the Random thread so I don't spam with Miitomo photos, so I'll just add one here. Have funny Miitomo photos? something to do with Miitomo? well this is the thread to post on! For now, here's a picture I made. Hope to see your funny or awesome Miitomo pictures!