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Here's an interesting tidbit for the original Wario Land. The bass patch heard in the iconic-to-us-at-least intro theme, and the bass heard in, say, the Syrup Castle map theme, are actually not one and the same, as I found out a couple of days ago.
It seems obvious in retrospect, but let's be real, they sound really similar. So similar in fact that even in the aforementioned intro song, the designers were able to swap the two out when they got to those rapid high-pitched arpeggios without any of us noticing. Like, I literally only figured it out because I was putting together samples for an sf2 and the amount of timbre change past a certain point was just too goddamn high when I rolled my mouse over the piano roll.

It's honestly kind of rad that they have two slightly different versions of this sound, especially since they're probably supposed to be Game Boy versions of saxophones, which come in four breeds that all sound similar but are still quite distinct. What we're looking at with WL's two "EeHhHh" patches is basically the difference between an Alto and Tenor Sax.
Lemme guess, you're going to look for a way to exploit this minor difference?

"Extremely filthy eating tables and a very dirty pool table, complete with a floor that is even dirtier than dirt itself."

"Incredibly old pieces of paper. Whatever was originally written on them has become so dirty and faded that it is now unreadable."

"Lots and lots of old chewed gum has been stuck onto the bottom of this table."

"It's dirty, but it's a jukebox. It's a jukebox, but it's dirty. It's covered in cigarette stains and old ketchup."

"Moldy, rotten, withered old anchovies and the like are stuck to the record within the jukebox, but it somehow managed to spin anyway."

"Please don't come back here (or run inside). You'll kick up the mold spores." :warioewalt:
No mention of garlic, so I think Wario has nothing to do with it. And as tahutoa said, the car is not a convertible like Wario's. It does look similar though.


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Yes, it appears that the Wario Car has taken the Bulldog's place as Wario's main method of long-distance travel.
Although, to be fair, hasn't the Bulldog been shown to be untrustworthy? As far as I can remember the whole reason WL3 started to begin with is because it just fucking died mid-flight.


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Don't you think Wario Land 4 is a good game? Why not?
The game often very heavily prioritized its graphics in particular over its actual gameplay (cough, especially during its boss fights, cough) and was ironically easier (overall) than Wario Land 3 despite having the "health meter" and "time limit" systems that WL3 lacked (also, Super Hard Mode's time limits for boss fights were just plain overly strict and annoying, ESPECIALLY the infamous fifteen-second one for Spoiled Rotten's fight), but it was otherwise a really, REALLY good game with an utterly incredible amount of artistic value to boot


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Personally, I never got the impression it prioritised graphics over actual gameplay, even in boss fights. Don't think a single Nintendo game felt like that to me, even stuff like Yoshi's Island and Donkey Kong Country where the art styles were huge selling points.