The Ashley and Red Thread.


Just a guy...
It's crazy how well Ashley works in Wind Waker, despite her being from an entirely different series with a different artstyle,
and also the amount of effort that was put into this mod to begin with.

Although I can't help but be slightly disappointed they just stuck with the original outfit and didn't make a 3d version of her Link outfit from the Badge Arcade

But that probably would have been too much work added onto an already pretty extensive mod. (For one, it'll require basically creating an entirely new model from the ground up as opposed to simply modifying her smash model like they did here.)

Speaking of Ashley as Link, I kind of wish someone would hack Wind Waker and replace the characters with Wario characters like the above collab, that's most likely a pipe dream and most likely impossible given the sheer amount of work that would require, on top of hardware limitations and the like, but I would have loved to see someone replace the original characters from Majora's Mask with 3D versions of these

and maybe create other Wario equivalents as well for whoever would be most fitting or what not.