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Schmotty Schmops
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With a new device comes new DIY microgames! And a screen recorder.
Here's the vid
The video and audio are a bit off-sync, and breaths from my slightly stuffy nose can be heard, but here are my games, Orb's Got the Bod, and Big Boy.

The Norm

Nice try, Glowsquid. You can't brainwash me into believing Spitz of all characters was born a dog. Just look at him striking that animu cat pose. Look at his whiskers. His squished little cat mouth. That impossibly articulate tail.
This little shit isn't a dog and I don't appreciate your species denial propaganda, Glowsquid.

The only theory I'd be willing to tolerate is that perhaps our dear furry friend Spitz is a trans-species cat, or the reverse, whatever the fuck correct terminology for a tranny is, but such a theory has a snowball's chance in hell of being true given Takeuchi's known hatred for trans-spec. furries. Shame, considering all the progress made in Gold with its interspecies sex scenes.
Come on, Goro Abe. It's 2019. Give the writhing SJW worms what they want.
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