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The Fire Snakes that are caused to appear by the Fantastic Flute in the 3 pots...

Well, in the other levels that contain Fire Snakes (The Colossal Hole and The East Crater), they would be there even if you somehow got to the level without collecting the Flute.
It all comes down to Level Versions.
In The Peaceful Village, both version contains an object in the snake pot. However, in one version, that object is set to "None", and in another, it's set to "Fire Snake".


Hope Rides Alone
The intro of Master of Disguise has a slightly longer version, that you will only see when leaving the title screen on and waiting for it to play:

The bit starting at 4:05 is exclusive to this version of the intro, since the one when starting a new game would have cut to the Episode 1 title screen.


Diamond City Mayor
Diamond City Leader
Huh, that actually sounds quite catchy. Interestingly they left it in despite most people not sticking around long enough to hear it.