Can't believe they got Will Smith to portray the role of Wario.
I honestly can't believe that in all of my years of being a Wario fan since Super Mario Odyssey was released, it's only now that I've come across this gem of a video. I mean, I haven't really been into such things lately, but still.

This is honestly one of the best Mario parody videos I've ever watched; the quality is simply astonishing. Or should I say "e-e-excellente!"
Though I'm lowkey disappointed that he didn't go for a roombroodje after robbing the bank.
I remember seeing a guy who breathes, eats, and sleeps Wario World, he had a Youtube channel where he shows how many exploits were fixed in the Japanese version. Does anyone know who am I referring to?
This would be exceptionally lame if it weren't for the #fly cover of Greenhorn being used as BGM. My score went up from 1/10 to 6/10

It's lame AF indeed, but somehow that's what makes it funny. To me, at least, but I can imagine that not everyone shares this sense of humour.

This is so freaking cool! Everyone go and give it a watch, you won't regret it.

Funny enough... there was an old fan game with the very same name:

Sadly, that's all there is to it. It doesn't look like a lot of work were put and it seems abandoned. I didn't know where to place this fangame so... here it is. There's an old engine build in the video description, but he never posted the latest version in the comments.
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This is so freaking cool! Everyone go and give it a watch, you won't regret it.

I really liked the remixes they did for the Transformation themes, and how this 'promo vhs' style deal has the stereotypical 'VO character that chills out in the corner and acts as host.'
Designing her head to be styled after Wario's nose/mustache combo was a really cool touch I noticed towards the end.