If Wario debuted in SMW, which sprite sheet would've been accurate?:

I'd say this one, considering SMW got rushed and they couldn't have more time for details

Then there's:

Could've been a redesign for the GBA port.

And of course:

You could assume it's the Mario Maker redesign, in a similar case with Luigi
Xander Xereusson is the same guy who made the Smash Flash Mario sprite... and the Dorkly Mario sprite (which is actually quite good. the way they animate is what makes it seem iffy)
in an earlier post, I called ashley a "pretty shitty character in the grand scheme of japanese corporations", but I was factually wrong. Ashley is an incredibly complex character.


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Found out today Goro Abe filled patent applications for WW GiT in November 2020 (showing genericized illustrations of the character select screen and various microgames). I find it interesting because it gives us a clearer idea of the development timeline.