• Wario actually despises italian food. (because it reminds him too much of Mario.)
I do know the WL4 manual mentions him eating several plates of spaghetti during a trip he made, but I can still see this being a thing considering he simply doesn't like ol' red M. He's shown to have a liking for typical American food judging from games and artwork, too.


And Garlic is something he seems to eat raw more than anything anyway.
I imagine Wario and Waluigi are clearly brothers separated at birth but neither of them believe this because each one thinks the other is an "ugly, unmanly loser" while their ego tells them they are "handsome, manly, and awesome"
I imagine Wario and Waluigi are clearly brothers separated at birth but neither of them believe this because each one thinks the other is an "ugly, unmanly loser" while their ego tells them they are "handsome, manly, and awesome"
I can clearly remember that Mario and Sonics Winter Olympics for the DS stated that they are NOT Brothers. They still might be related though...
Here are more Headcanons:
●Penny and Ashley often argue what's better: Science or Magic

●Kat and Anas parents are named Shuri (Mother) and Ken (Father). Like with their daughters their names combined equals Shuriken.

●Mona tells Crygor the newest and hotest Celebrity Gossip before everyone else in exchange for his groundbreaking Toilet-Inventions.
I would love to see a Mario and Luigi game that also stars Wario and Waluigi and finally defines their exact relationship. Also it would just be a helluva fun game.
Honestly while that does sound really nice, in reality, even if such a game does get made, (Which would be amazing) they'll probably never say anything. after all Nintendo seems to be the kind of company that likes to keep things ambiguous. (Birdo's gender, the Koopalings' relationship to Bowser, Donkey Kong's true identity, Etc)
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DK's identity is not that complex: the Donkey Kong from the arcade game is now Cranky Kong, and his son is the current Donkey Kong.
Unfortunately, as much as i like this to be the case, (and I do prefer this as canon myself.)
It's not the truth. Nintendo apparently likes to flip flop between DK being Cranky Kong's son or Cranky kong's grandson, for some odd reason. (Though it seems that they finally settled on grandson, but now, instead of solving it, it ends up adding a whole new level of confusion to his identity.)
Check out http://www.themushroomkingdom.net/kongtroversy.shtml for more information about this, it pretty much explains this whole crisis.Grrr:
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Some more:
  • Dribble and Spitz's taxi has a mind of its own, like Christine or Herbie.
  • Dr. Crygor used to work for an evil organisation against his will.
  • Captain Syrup also heard about the Golden Pyramid, but Wario was first.
More Crazy headcanons from TB100 (These are more focused on the other characters.)
  • Dr Crygor created the overalls, that Mario, Luigi, Wario, & Waluigi wear. (This is based off one of the character blogs, where penny reveals that she & her grandfather wear labcoats that can withstand extreme temperatures)
  • Penny is sometimes called PC by her friends (Get it?)
  • 9-Volt is one of those people that stands at the store a week before a new console or game releases
  • Orbulon only shows his true form to the crew, he often disguises himself as a human to blend in with the other folks. (Because the goverement will find out if he doesn't)
  • Master Mantis took Young Cricket in as a son, when his parents died.
  • 18-Volt has a rare genetic condition which makes him look older then he actually is. (It does exist in reality)
  • Wario is not intrested in relationships. if he is, that's usually a bad sign.
  • Wario used the money he gained from Wario Land 4 to fund Warioware, Inc
  • Wario ended up buying diamond software from joe, thus bringing the warioware crew back to him (Much to their dismay.)
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Okay here's my last set for a while. (Sorry for two posts in a row.)

  • Dr Crygor unknowingly assisted Wario with his takeover of Mario Land.
  • Ashley is an amazing storyteller, and likes to write or read during her free time.
  • Ana is not really into the ninja biz like her sister is, and wants to be a zoologist when she grows up.
  • Red was created by Ashley's Grandmother, to serve as both a guardian and a friend for her.
  • Wario owns a black cat named shokora.
  • Warioware Snapped was considered to be the final straw that would ultimately lead to the strike.
  • Mike secretly resents dr crygor for various reasons.
  • Wario offered waluigi a job at Warioware, but he declined.
EDIT: I removed one of my headcanons, because i grew to hate it over time.
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I guess I'll write down my own headcanon -

When Ashley was five, her parents decided it was time to leave her and for her to become the witch she was born to be. On her 5th birthday, her parents gave her one last gift, a little imp named Red. Red was to take care of her every command, he would fulfill her every wish, he would work with her forever.

Ashley wasn't ready to be left alone, but she couldn't help it. Every other witch would be okay to be left alone on their 5th birthday, but Ashley wanted her mom and dad. Which is why to this day she still often thinks about them, thinks if she'll ever see them again, or if she even wants to see them now. She doesn't make friends because she doesn't want people getting too close to her, because she doesn't want to face being left again by people she cares about.

She'll also outlive everyone she makes friends with.
Wario adops that white cat at the end of WL4 for going to the buffet because it looks like Shokora in cat form. Wario sometimes awaits the day he sees his byotiful Shokora one day. Then he doesn't care and goes swimming in his money Scrooge McDuck style and forgets about her.